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The minibar MB414555A/B is the right choice for those hotels that want to offer their customers the best products. Easy to install, it´s simple and elegant design makes it the ideal choice for the hotel. The minibar MB414555A is ready for European market with 220 AC / 50 Hz and metallic round plugsTechnical Features• Easy to install. • Simple structure. • Left/right ‐reversible door. • Soft closing. • Integrated handle on the door edge. • Two transparent plastic trays, which can be placed at different heights. • Two shelves for bottles attached, which can be placed at different heights. • Mild Led light inside. • No fan, therefore no noise or vibration. • Capacity: 40 liters. • Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height): 405 x 443 x 545 mm. • Weight: 15kg. • Black color. • Power of MB414555A: 220V AC / 50 Hz       (metallic round plugs). • Power of MB414555B: 110V AC / 50‐60 Hz (metallic flat plugs). • Rated power: 65W. • Consumption: 0.8kwh/24h. (Low consumption: Fuzzy logic regulation). • Coolant Capacity: 3°C (room temperature 25°C). • Optimal operation between 20 and 25°C. It is recommended to disconnect the device if the room temperature is below 10°C. • If the device is placed into a cupboard, 200 cm3 of spare space is needed for ventilation. • Non‐wearing thermoelectric (Peltier System). • Free from CFCs, those which damage the Ozone layer

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